Jana & Dextre









The Dogs


The star of our show, Stella has enough personality for ten dogs.  She is independent and extremely clever.  Dextre adopted Stella from the Georgia Heartland Humane Society when she was still a puppy back in 2007.  She goes to bed before the rest of us and likes to sleep in late because a diva needs her beauty rest.








Louise was born early 2010 and like Stella came from the Georgia Heartland Humane Society.  She has nurtured and cared for our 3 younger dogs and is the greatest puppy sitter a human could ask for.  Lou is Jana’s faithful running companion and is always first in line for a snuggle.








Adrian was adopted from Homeward Bound Dog Rescue in Minnesota in May of 2011. Adrian is the cuddliest of all our girls, often demanding to be held. She’s proving to be just as clever as Stella, and the two are constantly competing to see who can learn the next trick first. Adrian is incredibly agile, and completely fearless. She’s such a friendly dog, she charms everyone she meets.







Mabel was born December 8th, 2012. We adopted her from the Rutherford County Humane Society. She fit in with our circus crew immediately and turned into a show stealer right away. Mabel is full of shenanigans with a goofy personality and playful spirit.  So lovable you could almost forget how naughty she is.








Born November 17th, 2015, Clarice looks like a wolf, but she’s as sweet as a lamb.  By the time she was a year old, she’d already learned all of the other dog’s tricks. She came from Pawfect Match Rescue in Holly Springs, NC.  Dextre and Jana got the pick of the litter and Miss Claire sure is a prize.








Rozi was likely born in January of 2000 and is enjoying her retirement with Jana's parents.  Adopted her from the Guilford County Animal Shelter where Jana volunteered during college, Rozi is Jana’s first dog.  Irrepressibly sweet, she is not shy about asking for a belly rub from strangers.  Rozi is better traveled than most people and if dogs could talk we know she has stories.









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